My Life in Single Entries EVERYDAY!
Entry #… Damn, I Forgot.

Man, it’s been a while since I posted something on this blog! Basically for the past week or couple of days I’ve been gone. I’ve been training in SF4 all this time, and I’ve been doing stuff with my family so I’ve been really frickin’ busy and too lazy to write posts. Basically, I got an air conditioner in my room, I had 100 dollars, I got even better with Cammy, I picked up Cody as a secondary, and I also found out that my “rival” wants to have a runback set with me in SF.

Okay, now that you’re up to date with me now, my gf’s birthday is coming up so yesterday I bought her 2 gifts. I’m not saying what they are on here because she follows me on Tumblr lol. I hope she will like them. Today I’ve just been practicing Cammy combos and Cody combos. And today is Impulse, Impulse is the first national Super Smash Bros tournament ever held in Canada. Impulse also featured SF and UMvC3 to add the the entertainment but I’m not goin’. My friend RaynEX or Raynex was training for it and if you don’t know who he is, he is the guy who innovated Fox’s combos in SSBM (Super Smash Bros Melee). He is well known from the community. And he IS one of THE best! Man, I’m pretty tired and there’s nothing else to write about! XD So, see ya later DAZE fans!

Clutch round against Cody


We’re well on our way DAZE fans! The tenth entry! Boy, do I have a good story for you guys! Yesterday, I went to go pick up my SSF4 AE copy because I accidentally left it there 2 days ago. Anyways, I did a lot of consitency training for a couple of hours then decided to go up against different mindsets online. I lost to some bad Ryu players but oh well, they didn’t play footsies so fuck them! XD

Later on during that same sesh, a REALLY good fuckin’ Dan player came in and whooped EVERYBODY! He’s got a great meta-game and his username was DJSCOTT. And whenever me and him faced off we had some close ass matches! After a while, the session disbanded cuz one of the Ryu players just QUIT. After that I decided to go to arcade mode with fight requests on, I faced off against an A Ranked Cody player! BTW this is the highlight of the night.

The first round was fuckin’ emberassing! Because of that I got mad, rushed him down, and got perfect in the second round. Third round was very close and he ended up winning with a lucky EX hurricane uppercut. After that I decided to run it back with DJSCOTT and I had so many close matches with him but he won at least 15 or 18 to none against me lol oh well! Later on this japanese Sagat player beat him, he left the session, then it was just me and the japanese player, he beat me three times then I left to watch the replays. Basically the japanese player kept MASHING the punch button in order to beat out me being in his face with my Cammy.

After that, I decided to record the clutch run I had against the A ranked Cody player and uploaded it to youtube. I WILL be posting the video as well on here so look out everybody! I’m going to HQ tonight as well, and friday nights are pretty live.

Alright, this is DAZE signing out! Later DAZE Fans!

Entry #8 #9

Alright, I stayed home and trained two days ago, that’s all. Um, yesterday, I participated in a tournament called Ultimate Gamer, it was my first and from my experience I was pretty calm, I walked to my first match with a huge smile on my face lol. What I didn’t know until after the match was the guy that I was facing has a solid Sakura game from what I’ve been told about.

K, when I faced him, he was fuckin’ shaking after I bodied him in the first match, the last two matches he got lucky lol. I was supposed to backdash away from his shoryuken when I was low on health in the last match, but yeah, it didn’t come out. During the match there were people behind me watching, I knew they were there, but at the same time, I didn’t notice them watching me. And I was told after words they were asking about me, and my sensei/teacher/mentor/ Jimmy AKA JFierce told them that I was his student and that I’m the next Chi-Rithy. I still find it pretty flattering LOL! Once I reach Chi-Rithy’s level, I will exceed him.

 After all that I went into my next match, I was playing a Dudley player. I DO NOT know this matchup, but I guess I did alright against him, his combos were on point and he never really dropped his links. And I lost, I was feelin’ a bit salty after that, but I brushed it off easily lol, at this point I was eliminated from the tournament. After that match I went outside for some fresh air, and this guy who ALSO plays Cammy came out MAD SALTY! Yo, this guy fuckin’ smashed the back of his head against the wall saying he “I want to bleed!” “I want to die” and he was just bashing himself both mentally and physically.

Luckily, I’m a nice guy and I talked to him for a while and I saw his issues. He had a huge lack in confidence, he said he had been a loser all his life, and that’s all he’ll ever be. I was able to relate to him due to the fact that I went through a really bad stage in my life. ANYWAYS back to the story, I told him to stop doubting himself so much, and to never give up if he is passionate about Street Fighter. I told him, that I get bodied at least 100 times a day but I still keep getting back up, WHICH IS TRUE BY THE WAY! And that in your Street Fighter career you’ll have times where you feel like giving up completely, but sometimes you gotta think to yourself “  I’ve gone so far in Street Fighter, do I REALLY want to give up now?”

Fast forward a half hour later, me and him were facing off and he beat me lol. But he’s got over a year of experience, man, his combos were on POINT! I noticed during our match he was rocking back and forth in his chair like he was on edge or something which bugged the hell outta me, seeing that this was a CASUAL match. After my loss, I faced up against an old rival lol. He used to body me constantly last month or something like that. But TODAY oh boy, that was a different story, I beat him 4 times lol, the 5th match he beat me and we were trash talking each other for fun lol. At one point he said ”I’m downloading you!” and after I beat him in one round I said “Well, it looks like your torrent is on hold!”

After that, we had an after party type thing after A&C World closed. I hung out with the big group of people that now recognize me as the guy who plays Cammy or Urban Ninja as some people call me. We were all talking about the big event that just went on and each of our experiences from our perspectives, some of us made it to top 8, some of us didn’t. I talked with this guy who is also my rival, who plays a damn good Ibuki, now he has both my cell number and psn so we can face off or train in Street Fighter 4 sometime. I guess we could exchange info on characters and stuff like that as well. He’s a cool guy! After all that we headed home. And the story ends there, the last thing that I could say was significant was the fact that I did a 540 kick outside while waiting for a bus, and as I was landing my shoe came off and my foot hit the concrete HARD. The bottom of my foot feels swollen er somethin’.

Alright, later DAZE fans!  

Entry #5 #6 #7?

  Hey DAZE fans! I’ve been pretty frickin’ busy lately lol. I’ve been training with the best in Toronto for Street Fighter 4 obviously, I learned the in depth method of footsies 2 days ago. I picked up Zangief! I’ve been to HQ A LOT! Me and my gf had an arguement last night but it’s all good now! XD

  I decided to play SF Third Strike today, and now I LOVE IT! Hehe, I play Alex. I was told on my consistency and execution with my character in SF, ummm, get up on those matchup forums for strats and shit. I’ve gotten so much better compared to before! I actually stood a chance against Erickai one of the best Ryu players in Toronto, I had a nice set with him. Ummm, Daniel, I had a fun set with him playing my Zangief and Cammy!

Lol, highlights so far of what happened while I was gone. I learned a shit tonne of techniques for SF, I gained a lot more confidence in my ability, I feel like I have another family now, I feel like Jimmy is kinda like a big brother to me. Tonight when I faced Daniel’s Sagat, I got this nice match on him with Cammy. Basically on the final round and we were down to some low health, he tried hitting me with a low Tiger Shot. As the fireball was coming towards me, I buffered my Ultra and went RIGHT UNDER IT! Then, since Sagats recovery sucks, I landed the Ultra on him and got him KO’d! Then I told him “Hold that!” and we both laughed. :)

Well, I know this entry was all over the place and my punctuation is shit because I’m not trying lol, but yeah. Expect to hear more from me! Lates people! Oh yeah, sometime soon I’m getting my friend into SF since he’s a fast learner! LOOKOUT!!!!!!!!


Apparently I’m the next Chi-Rithy!!!!!!!!

Entry #4

Once again I’m late on my entry because I was REALLY tired last night.Yesterday was the last day of school, and everything was party party party. Afterschool I went cruising with Jordan again, we went to Game Shack to sell some vgs, Hyde Park, and we went to this certain spot by the highway to enjoy the view for the sunset. It was amazing! Sadly I can’t upload th pics due to the loss of my micro sd card adapter.

We went to Ontario Place again! But this time we went all the way through! Aaaannndddd this time there was security but we snuck past them! It was fun! Ontario place is really lacking in attractions lol, all there is now are waterslides, one rollercoaster, some random places full of balls, and foods and stuff. 

Today I’m going to HQ for some Street Fighter 4 training! Hopefully I learn something, and hopefully my game levels up! Later guys!

Entry #3

I couldn’t post last night because I was mad tired! I’ll tell you guys what went down yesterday. Okay, I slept in and decided to go to school in the afternoon, after I finished I went to A & C World for some gaming, I got in there for free. After I got bored at A & C I went to TOSF for the first time, it’s some HQ for experienced and inexperienced Street Fighter and Marvel vs Capcom 3 players.

Man, last night I got my ass WHOOPED by a lot of people, I think I have myself a rival, his name is Vincent and he plays Guy. He has a pattern, and I did get a couple of really nice rushdown sets against him with my Cammy but I still didn’t win a lot of matches. I think I met the best Dhalsim player in Toronto, um, one of the best Street Fighter players in Toronto his name is Erickai or somethin’ like that. I made a couple of friends, I’m accepted by everyone and I make them laugh which is good.

These guys are like my fam that understands me more than my actual fam lol! I’m no black sheep in this family, I don’t have to be the greatest in school or have a job, because we’re pretty much all looking for the same thing. To bring Toronto back from it’s slump in it’s rep for SF. Me, right now, I want to win. I want to be a frickin’ WINNNER, I lose to everybody, but I can feel that I’m getting better, I just have to be craftier with my sets and shit.

But enough about that. Today I’m going to sell my Street Fighter X Tekken game because I don’t play it and it’s ASS. Also, I’m going A & C World to take on some good Street Fighter players from Toronto Top Tiers or um, just anywhere pretty much. Hopefully I see some wins tonight, if not, hopefully I learn something! This is DAZE signing out! Lates guys!Street Fighter Alpha 3 Cammy Art

Motorcity is a boss show! And Kaia has the best looking character design by far in this series!

Motorcity is a boss show! And Kaia has the best looking character design by far in this series!

A really nice picture of Spiderman! :D He’s always been my fav superhero since I was a kid!

A really nice picture of Spiderman! :D He’s always been my fav superhero since I was a kid!

A really dope track from Mar-Eeo!